This coding technique will save you from countless stress

welcome back you beautiful people in this episode I want to show you guys this technique and this technique I learned after years and years of doing programming writing functions and then you know when I'm trying to add new arguments the functions break and so this is hopefully going to help you guys out […]

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jQuery Javascript - Change text in multiple areas quickly using

hey guys welcome back to another quick video here we have where we're working on jQuery and I have a scenario for you and I've already plotted out um a written note an HTML file here and uh this is the scenario so the scenario is uh we have a table within our body section […]

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Visual Studio Code - Remote SSH live file editing crash course

welcome back you beautiful people and in this episode I very quickly want to show you guys how to connect to a remote server make changes and save those changes so what we have done before in previous episodes was we were able to code locally on our system so we created an index.html file […]

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Quick start to jQuery javascript coding

hey guys in this episode I'm gonna show you guys how to quickly begin using jQuery to manipulate of course uh EO web pages and so forth so hope this is going to be a quick one uh right on the screen right now I'm using vs code and I have created already an index.html […]

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