Finally, the launch!

Welcome to RTHD Online! It’s about time to get things back on track and I’ve replaced the old version that was never really properly released with this new version!

For those of you who are new or stumbled across from the internet, RTHD is a Youtube Channel mostly focused on Technology, Reviews, Unboxing and Help videos. Of course, the author Rish also takes the time to show off his drumming skills if you’re also into that sort of thing!

So firstly, welcome, it’s really great to have you here! Make sure that you’re also locked in by subscribing to RTHD on Youtube and of course bookmarking this website since updates will happen here as well!

As more videos will be rolling out, I’ll also be making writeups with links to those videos available here! But that’s not all, I’d like make continue making this site not just a e-zine e-magazine style site but also a community where you can also join in, keep in touch, ask questions, see reviews, get help and so forth!

So with that, I’ll end this post and continue along the lines in the next post! Thank you so much for viewing and your support, as always, much love to you and yours!


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